About Us

About Us

With the mission of accompanying business enterprises  in their cultural and administrative activities, Hanoi Sky Travel and Events Co., Ltd. has built the Hanoi Event brand specializing in organizing events for businesses and organizations in Hanoi and neighboring provinces.


Established in 2008 with 2 young and talented founders, Hanoi Event offers customers solutions for organizing internal and public events of different sizes. During more than 10 years of building and developing business, Hanoi Event has gradually marked its maturity in consulting, supporting, organizing and accompanying businesses in their events. With the attentiveness, seriousness, prestige and responsibility in supporting and organizing events, Hanoi Event has built the trust of customers with a file of more than 300 loyal customers who are corporations and companies, public enterprises and private enterprises, with more than 500 large and small events each year. It is a mature step that Hanoi Event has proudly accomplished over the past 10 years.


Group sector: Nielsen Group, PFF Financial Group, VNG Group, VQB Mineral Group, Euro Window, Hoa Thien Phu, Phu Thai Group, …

Financial sector: Homecredit, FEcredit, …

Banking sector: BIDV Bank, Techcombank IT, Vietcombank, LienVietPostBank, TPBank, VPBank…

Pharmaceutical division: Getz Pharma Vietnam, Ha Tay Hataphar Pharmaceutical, AZpharma Group,…

Building block: Vinaconex Group, Fecon Group,…

Fashion block: 28 Corporation, Emspo,…

Agriculture sector: RTD Group, Provet, Viavet…

Some other fields: Toyota, Soha game, Mitsubishi, Admicro, Vinshool, Topica Native, …

In addition to loyal customers, Hanoi Event’s new customers increase every year. We always want to bring absolute value to our customers, and constantly improve the quality to expand the market to new businesses.


With the motto “Work with HEART – Quality Reach”, Hanoi Event aims to improve services, innovate ideas, find new customers to build and develop the event organization market in Hanoi to be more and more developed, quality and effective.

The main products of Hanoi Event bring to customers:

  • Event consulting support: We have a team of experts who directly consult with customers on the issues that customers demand around the events. Including: Location, organization time, organization method, organizational experience, points to note in the organizing process, … to help businesse enterprises have correct direction for their upcoming events and to reach successful events finally.
  • Organizing full package of internal and public events:

+/ Organizing the Opening Ceremony, Inauguration Ceremony

+/ Organization of Groundbreaking and Groundbreaking

+/ Organize customer conferences

+/ Organizing press conferences, seminars

+/ Organize Team building, Team building travel

+/ Organize Company Trip

+/ Organize Gala dinner, Year-end party, New year party

+/ Organize Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas party

+/ Organize Family day

+/ Organize Sports day

+/ Organize Music show

In addition to the main events that are the strength of Hanoi Event, we also support the organization of other types of events such as: Roadshow, Sampling, Tea break, etc., and event supporting service to customer events.

Offering Rental service of event items:

+/ MC/Host/Coach for hire to host the event

+/ PGs, PBs for hire

+/ Singers, dancers for hire …

+/ Event lighting and sound equipment for hire

+/ Led screen rental

+/ Rental of projector screens, conference projectors

+/ Design and construction of event stage

+/ Event personnel for hire

+/ Car rental from 4s to 50s serving to pick up and see off event guests

Creativity – Fairness – Flexibility – Efficiency are the 4 working mottos of Hanoi Event with a commitment to quality, prestige and long-term effectiveness. Hanoi Event will be the first choice for every business enterprise in organizing events and consulting on solutions for management.

Contact our team of experts for advice and support in organizing events:


Add: 5 Ly Nam De street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hotline: 0903 209 712

Mail: sales@hanoiskyteam.com